Lord’s Prayer Consequences

The Cloak for Sophia from the Women And The Church / Inclusive Church stall at Greenbelt

The Cloak for Sophia from the Women And The Church / Inclusive Church stall at Greenbelt

Our theme for September is The Lords Prayer.  One Sunday we played an all age game of Lords Prayer Consequences! In groups, we took each line of the Lord’s Prayer at a time and wrote a line inspired by it, and then passed them on.

The first lines were inspired by titles for God that had been pinned to the Cloak for Sophia that was on the Women And The Church/Inclusive Church stall at Greenbelt this year (see photo).

We wrote our next line on the next piece of ribbon that arrived on our table, and again passed them on.

At the end we unrolled the ribbons and read what we had created:

The dragon who blows fire into our lives

We celebrate your creation and joy

Your loving ways are best for us all

May your healing touch us at our point of greatest need

May we heal each other’s hurts

Give us grace to lead us on the right path.

Love without borders

Source of all blessing

Give us sustenance for our spirits

Help us be humble in the way we are with others

Show us the way to gentleness keep us on the right way.

Dearest Love

May your name bring life and light

Let love be at the centre of all we are throughout the world

Give us strength for today and a calm mind

Help us to make good choices.

Great Lover of everyone and everything

Congratulations on your infinity-th birthday!

Heal our hearts, earth and society with love:

We trust your love for our needs.

Help us love ourselves and each other enough to be forgiving.

Help us find our way with courage in the darkness.

Thank you Freedom-Maker for making us free.

Your love is astonishing.

May your compassion unite all creation.

Give us grace to understand and be tolerant to each other, 

as you are to us.

Help us to keep on choosing God’s path

In the middle of all the wrong turns around.

Help us to care for all you have given us

Let us see the world with new eyes

Help us get back in target

Save us from our ‘traps’ 

and help us to lovingly take responsibility.

Maker of Wholeness

May no polar bears die of climate change.

Give us love and hugs to get through each day

Help us to love others as you love us -

Mercifully, with grace.

Inspire us to follow the light of your love despite the costs,

Knowing we are held by you.

Loving Creator,

Lord of Peace and Justice,

May we not be divided by our differences

And may we live in peace.

Give us peace and hope,

Fill us with love

And free us from hatred.

Ground of our being found in all things

May You as Truth be known.

Give us hope -

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

Lock the doors of temptation and open the doors of good.