Our services are quite varied, often following a theme. Typically there is a contemporary liturgy, hymns or songs, a time for prayers - silent or spoken, with lighting of candles. There is often a talk with time for reflection or discussion afterwards. Some services are quite creative with music, art or an artistic installation expressing the theme. Brief times of silence to rest in the divine Presence are often included. 

First and third Sundays of the month are usually communion services, second and fourth Sundays are morning prayer, fifth Sundays are Taizé-style services with short songs or chants. 

We welcome children and young people and they have their own group for part of the service, this is call FISH (friendly, inviting, spiritual and happy!). We love their participation in our services especially when, from time to time, they offer their own insightful and creative contributions. 

We aim to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive space where faith can be explored in a non-judgmental and open way with an emphasis on the value of questions, rather than cut and dried answers.  There is an emphasis on building community,  sacred activism for equality justice and peace, a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ people, and a pluralist approach to peoples of all faiths and none.

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