our student worker PJ in the wild, identifiable by blue glasses and fondness for tea

our student worker PJ in the wild, identifiable by blue glasses and fondness for tea

So why is St Brides a good place for students?

Firstly, we’re really close to all of the universities in the city centre, just a five minute walk from University of Liverpool South Campus, Liverpool John Moores University Mount Pleasant campus, and only a stone’s throw from LIPA. Plus we’re even closer to a lot of the new halls of residence, and more and more students are moving into the Georgian quarter itself, living and working right on our doorstep; we want to build connections with our neighbours, and now more than ever in our history that means students!

So we’re close, but why would you actually want to walk in the door?

For one, we take all comers, whoever you are and whatever your faith background, St Bride's has something for you. If it’s not the 10am Sunday service (early I know), it could be Open Table, the monthly LGBTQIA+ service, or you could get involved in one of the social justice projects we host, like the HOPE+ Foodbank. You could even help PJ start a regular student group at St Bride's; it’s an exciting time!

Plus we have links to the Student Christian Movement

We’re also a link church for the Student Christian Movement (SCM), a network of churches, chaplaincies and student groups across Britain 'inspired by Jesus to act for justice and show God’s love in the world'. This year, SCM has a new North West link worker, Rach, who we meet regularly to share resources and discuss ideas and plans.

St Bride's vision is that we are ‘creative, progressive and inclusive,’ and that is a message that may speak to you if you’ve yet to find your spiritual home in Liverpool.