Rector of St Luke in the City Team Parish: 

Currently vacant

Curate & Chaplain to Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust:

Rev Sara Doyle

Honorary Assistant Priest:

Rev Jonathan Clatworthy


Reader, Community Facilitator & Safeguarding Officer:

Helen Randall

Parish Administrator & Local Missional Leader for Open Table

Warren Hartley

Safeguarding Officer & Local Missional Leader for Open Table

Kieran Bohan

Lay Worship Leader
& Chair of Pastoral Care Team:

Rose Green


Church Warden:

Dave Bradley

Church Warden & Acting Chair of District Church Council (aka 'Core Community'): 

Martin Randall


Student Chaplaincy Intern:

Helen Parker-Jervis ('PJ')

Our FISH Children & Young People's Group Team:

Left to right:  Rev Dr Steven Shakespeare, Emma Dears, Rev Sandra Dears, & Church Warden Cate Jacobs.