Living the Questions

We regularly run Living the Questions and other courses produced by the Progressive Christianity Network. A radical take on faith which allows us to explore the shaping of new pathways beginning in the Christian story but which allow us to escape from the biblical literalism, ancient dogmas and oppression of minority groups which have turned so many away from faith.

Please contact us for details of the next course.

Theology and Modernity

The Theology and Modernity lecture series at St Bride’s brings nationally renowned theologians and philosophers to Liverpool to deliver papers from the cutting edge of thought about the Divine and our world.  

All lectures are free of charge and no booking is necessary.

Progressive Christianity Network

Many members of St Bride’s are also members of PCN Britain. There are occasional conferences around the country and we support the regional PCN group which meets in Warrington. Please see our newsletter, downloadable from the front page of this site for details of the next meeting.

For further information on the group please email

Spirituality and Awakening

The Spirituality and Awakening  series of meetings provide an opportunity to explore contemporary spirituality both in theory and practice. These typically take place three times a year and may include a half day or full day seminar and an evening meeting. We usually have a guest speaker or spiritual teacher with the aim of offering the opportunity to broaden and deepen our spiritual awakening.