Core Community

Each church community within the Church of England has a decision-making body that discusses issues such as finance, the building, planning, and other aspects of church life. For churches that are part of a team parish, such as St Bride's which is part of the St Luke in the City Team, this body is usually referred to as the District Church Council (DCC). However, there was a feeling that 'Core Community' better reflected the membership of this group.


Members of Core Community are elected by the congregation to represent them and to make decisions on their behalf. The Church Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary and Deanery Synod Representative are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. There are also a number of other elected members who represent the diversity of the congregation. Clergy and Lay Readers are 'ex officio', meaning that they are members without being elected.

There are currently some vacant places on the group.  Please do get in touch with our Church Wardens on to find out what's involved and to talk about how you can share your gifts and talents with the community.


With an active congregation like that at St Bride's, there is a need for a number of smaller groups to manage different aspects of the work that is being undertaken. These include:

  • Building Project
  • FISH
  • Marketing
  • Pastoral Care
  • Worship Planning

Membership of these groups is voluntary. Reports are presented at each meeting of Core Community.