Too few pews? Most definitely not!

THE COMMUNITY which gathered at St Bride's this morning had the pleasant surprise of finding most of the pews gone and the main worship space revealing its full potential.

This is the latest step in our Re-imagining St Bride's project - The pews are coming out to enable us to create a more flexible space for worship, events and community use.

Particular thanks to Tom Dears and Phil Threlfall-Holmes for their hard work last week to get us this far.

The next step is to remove the carpet and lino and restore the original wooden floor underneath. To enable us to do this with the minimum of disruption St Bride's will be closed for all activities from Monday 13th to Monday 20th inclusive.


We've also begun to paint the railings around the outside of the church grounds. They are rusting and we do not want them to deteriorate further. You can see how much better they look already from the small repainted section on the Percy Street side.

CAN YOU HELP? Our railing painting project is a great summer way to get to know the neighbours. Contact us to let our Church Warden Dave Bradley know if you can add your hands to this project. We need you!

WATCH THIS SPACE for the big reveal of the newly restored floor!