Hope+ Foodbank News

Busy does not really begin to describe the last few weeks at Hope+.

At no point since mid June have we seen less than 200 people at our Thursday session at St Margaret of Antioch, and although St Vincent’s is quieter, we still see more than twice the weekly national average there too.

We really, really do need any help that you can give us please.  Despite the enormous numbers, we managed, just, to avoid closing last Thursday, but we did run out of some pretty important food items such as pasta, tinned tomatoes, fish, and baked beans…we never thought that we would ever run out of baked beans!!

We also ran short of some toiletry items, size four and five nappies and sanitary towels, all of which are really important.

We are at risk of having to close early each and every week of the summer; if you can help us avoid having to do this, please bring your donations to your nearest donation point: Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool Parish Church, both Cathedrals, and St James House.

Thank You.

Nädine Daniel, Project Manager