Yoga coming to you every Wednesday!

A new weekly yoga session is starting this month at St Bride's, run by Natasha Wilksberg, an experienced but young and enthusiastic leader. She writes:

“I’m very excited to share this beautiful space with you. The first three weeks will be a practice centred around gratitude"

A month of Gratitude Training

We usually associate 'gratitude' with all the positive things in our lives. But what about feeling grateful for the challenges that help us to grow?

Yoga can help us learn how to stay in the moments that transform us on and off the mat. February's theme is an invitation to practice Gratitude, focused on unclogging the hips, balancing and heart opening. These classes will leave you feeling grateful for being alive!

Being flexible is not a pre-requisite for yoga. These yoga sessions are for practitioners of all levels and capabilities. Over time they will help you loosen up to a level you are comfortable with.

Cost £6 per session or £20 for 4, starting Wednesday 8th February 6–7pm