Fair candles for Advent

Our Advent Wreath complete with four Fair Trade candles

Our Advent Wreath complete with four Fair Trade candles

People in St Bride’s are so appreciative and supportive - last week when I brought along our advent wreath, lots of people liked it, which I was really pleased about, writes Trish, one of our Traidcraft fair trade volunteers:

They particularly commented on the heather coloured candles I'd hesitated over buying because they seemed a bit pricey.

The four smooth frosted-effect candles, together with a white one for Christmas Day, have come all the way from Indonesia where they are made by Wax Industri from materials that are designed to be kind to the earth and to burn cleanly. They don't contain paraffin, animal based products or artificial fragrances.

Wax Industri are a fair trade company with strong ethics - I particularly like their focus on simplicity – they announce their dedication to

crafting simply made candles which bring joy to lives through the purity of candlelight.

On their website they say:

We could use machines to make our candles. But handmade means more hands, more jobs, less crime and a happy village. So we hand-mould, pour and craft wherever possible. We have been a fair trade company from the start because happy employees will lead to happy customers.

In this particular case it really has done just that.