A true story about Christmas angels…

by Guy Elsmore.  Published in the Liverpool Echo 7th December 2015

On a cold December night, a few years ago, an unemployed Scouser answered the door to a group of kids having a go at a Christmas carol.

“Sorry kids, I’ve got nothing for you. I lost my job and I’ve spent everything I’ve got left on presents for the grandkids… I haven’t even got any money left for food just now”.

The carol singers went away.

A few hours later, more singing outside the same door, it’s even more out of tune than before. Another knock at the door.

It’s the same group of carol singers. 

He’s about to send them away with a few choice words when the eldest singer steps forward and hands him their bucket of money. 

“Here you go mate, Happy Christmas, we figured you need this more than we do”.

At St Bride’s last week I was greeted by a lady who had bought a car full of clothes and food to donate to the refugees. She was keen to know how else she could help and ended up volunteering for the Foodbank too.

Another parishioner is just off to the Greek Islands, not for Christmas sunshine, but to do her bit for the refugees as they arrive out of the sea. Every day, there’s another story of the fabulous generosity which this amazing community and city excels in.

It’s amazing how Christmas brings out the best in people, especially in our great city. It’s a time when, whether or not people attend a carol service or a midnight mass, everyone finds their own way to express the generosity, peace and love which are at the heart of the meaning of Christmas.

Keep your eyes open for angels this Christmas!